Friday, October 7, 2011

Weekend Report: Probability of Success

It's truly disappointing that the local mainstream theater in my home town is featuring "Real Steel" and not "The Ides of March", although, it's something I absolutely understand. "The Ides of March" has less chance of huge success as its competition. It's an Oscar bait political drama with a straight dramatic cast, but it just doesn't have the mass appeal that drew people so magnetically to "The Social Network" last year. Expect mild success, but what can you classify as mild success these days? The inevitable $13 million opening doesn't sound too promising, and I can't imagine it doing anything for the film's Oscar odds.

And then there's "Real Steel", which has everything to draw people in. It has Hugh Jackman, who is a strong draw in pretty much whatever he's in. He has this palpable sense of magnetism and a charisma that's beyond simple charm. He's entertaining to watch, and that usually brings people in. Even more than that, there's giant robots boxing each other. It's a feel good sports movie, but with giant fighting robots! It's the science-fiction twist on the underdog story, so that'll clearly draw people in. But I just don't care enough to see it.

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