Sunday, October 2, 2011

Box Office Update: "50/50" plays similarly as title

Weekends such as these are the most tedious to write about, not because it's a necessarily bad weekend for the box office. On the contrary, things were slightly up from last year, when "The Social Network" was the sole big winner. What I find so difficult about it is the low-key nature of the proceedings. With four new releases, one would expect at least one of them to be a hit. Unfortunately, they worked more to cancel each other out, each landing below the $10 million mark. It's great that "50/50" was the highest grossing new attraction, but it still deserved much more than it got.

I can't say that I wished better for "Dream House" or "What's My Number?", the latter of which hit the lowest of the new releases, as I'm very happy to report. "Courageous", on the other hand, I've never really heard of in my life, yet it had the highest per theater average of the (sort of) wide releases. Not at all sure why. The three films that won the weekend were repeats from past weekends. "Moneyball" and "Dolphin Tale" switched up places, but bumped up from #'s 2 and 3 to #'s 1 and 2. "The Lion King 3D" took a fall of nearly 50%, and fell to third. "Take Shelter" picked up $56,000 from three theaters, so that's clearly playing somewhat positively with audiences.

1. "Dolphin Tale" (Second Weekend; $14.2 million)
2. "Moneyball" (Second Weekend; $12.5 million)
3. "The Lion King 3D" (Third Weekend; $11.1 million)
4. "50/50" (First Weekend; $8.9 million)
5. "Courageous" (First Weekend; $8.8 million)
6. "Dream House" (First Weekend; $8.2 million)
7. "Abduction" (Second Weekend; $5.7 million)
8. "What's Your Number" (First Weekend; $5.6 million)
9. "Contagion" (Fourth Weekend; $5 million)
10. "Killer Elite" (Second Weekend; $4.9 million)

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