Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oscar Park: "Moneyball"

Sorry I've been so ridiculously behind the beat this week. It's just been one of those weeks when you think you're more consumed by work than you actually are. As such, expect something a bit more regular and well grounded this week than in past weeks. It's hard to get a sturdy working schedule when things are still shifting around you. And I have to get caught up on the Oscar prognostication, which shouldn't be too hard seeing as little has actually changed. Things haven't gone considerably up or down. They're just slowly molding. "Moneyball" has been the latest addition to the fray, though I have reservations on its chances.

I don't think this is necessarily a Best Picture play, though it could potentially be. Plenty of people like the film well enough, though I'm in the minority who think it's thinly written. It could go on towards a potential nomination in that top category, though I sincerely doubt the passion will be there. Screenplay is a strong possibility, since a lot of people love the screenplay more than I do. Brad Pitt is all over the Best Actor conversation, which he'll likely be nominated in. I doubt that will go all the way towards a win. Another case where it won't be the best player there.

Supporting performance categories are a non-factor, as nobody rises above the call. Then going into the below-the-line categories, I think that the strongest bet we can place for the film is in cinematography. Without Wally Pfister, the film would've gotten a rating from me far lesser than what I gave it. He's rarely not nominated, and though there's a strong doubt as to whether or not he'll win, seeing as he won last year, he'll at least be in the last conversation. Other than him, I don't think there's any other category it really deserves.

Strong Possibilities: Best Actor (Brad Pitt), Cinematography
Still-in-the-cards: Best Picture
Long Shot: Best Director

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