Friday, April 6, 2012

Weekend Rundown: Blast from the Unnecessary Past

This weekend isn't exactly a weekend to be storming out to the theaters, as I have on numerous occasions asked myself precisely what was coming out. In truth, nothing new is coming to wide release. What you'd be paying to see is either a rehash of stupid things you've already seen, or quite literally what you've already seen. As I was watching "Pina" on Tuesday evening, I was reminded constantly how much I wished I could have seen it in 3D glory, but was glad I still took it in theatrically. And then I thought about my feelings towards "Titanic" and asked the question, "Is it worth seeing in 3D"? The answer I came to was that it wasn't worth seeing in 2D, let alone in theaters. It's not profusely horrible, but it's just simple. Not bad, just nothing special.

That goes even more so for "American Pie", which indeed is less than nothing special, and I wouldn't allow myself to be paid to see any of those films. "American Reunion" honestly doesn't just seem pointless, but... oh, fine. That word sums it up perfectly. It's absolutely pointless, aside from the fact that they'll make money from people who want to see these characters again... doing the exact same thing they were doing before. My heart aches, because I know "Damsels in Distress" is out there in limited release, and if people knew about it more, they'd easily choose that over this dreck. But I'll settle with seeing "Shame" again. Never a bad night.

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