Sunday, April 29, 2012

Box Office Report: The Pre-"Avengers" Slump

This weekend was wise to stock up on as many releases as possible for the weekend before "The Avengers" inevitably shatters records domestically as it has been in foreign markets. Anything that would have gone up against it would be overlooked, and everybody seems to be saving their breath for next weekend. That left audiences split rather decisively, so it's a rather encouraging note that this weekend did as well as it did. While it may be a far cry from last year, when "Fast Five" smashed April records for the box office, it's much better than the frame from two years ago, which was normal goings given the season.

"Think Like a Man" continued its short-lived supremacy at the top, taking a nearly 50% fall like pretty much every other film this weekend, except "The Hunger Games". That filmed continued its climb to $400 million, and is likely to get there just under the wire. As for the new releases, "The Pirates!" was the surprise winner, though how much of a surprise is that really? It's a kids flick, and they're the crowd most prone to flock irrationally to theaters. "The Five-Year Engagement" was the only other film to nearly match it, and that one got its benefits from the rom-com crowd, which is the second reliable faction in this weekend.

1. "Think Like a Man" (Second Weekend; $18 million; $60.9 MILLION TOTAL)
2. "The Pirates! Band of Misfits" (First Weekend; $11.4 million)
3. "The Lucky One" (Second Weekend; $11.3 million; $39.9 MILLION TOTAL)
4. "The Hunger Games" (Sixth Weekend; $11.3 million; $372.5 MILLION TOTAL)
5. "The Five-Year Engagement" (First Weekend; $11.2 million)
6. "Safe" (First Weekend; $7.7. million)
7. "The Raven" (First Weekend; $7.3 million)
8. "Chimpanzee" (Second Weekend; $5.5 million; $11.2 MILLION TOTAL)
9. "The Three Stooges" (Third Weekend; $5.4 million; $37.1 MILLION TOTAL)
10. "Cabin in the Woods" (Third Weekend; $4.5 million; $34.7 MILLION TOTAL)

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