Monday, April 2, 2012

"Total Recall" Trailer

I have reasons to be excited this summer, and this most certainly isn't one of them. Never mind the fact that "Total Recall" isn't a film one would necessarily want to update, but it's a film that exists fine as it was. I'm not going to call for parades exalting it as pure cinematic greatness, but the original "Total Recall" is in the pantheon of hilarious Schwarzenegger science fiction. Remove the Schwarzenegger and it just doesn't seem quite so appealing. Nothing against Colin Farrell, as I love the guy regardless, but this isn't meant to be a serious movie, and I only place coins against it for also starring Bryan Cranston. The guy's amazing, but him appearing in cinema is kind of a bad omen at this point. I can't remember a film he's appeared in this past year that I liked. I don't expect I'll float much attention that film's way, but you tell me if I'm wrong.

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