Sunday, September 11, 2011

Box Office Update: "Contagion" breaks competition down

The top player at the box office this weekend may lead you to believe this weekend was generous. In actuality, "Contagion" was perhaps the only real standout this weekend, with the rest withering in defeat. Soderbergh's film defeated a slump that's been dominated honorably by "The Help" for the past few weeks. Sadly, however, if it weren't for "Contagion", "The Help" would've still conquered the weekend. Despite its most substantial drop of 40%, the film still held on towards the top. Not even "Warrior" could draw in enough audiences, and its weak opening doesn't exactly inspire much confidence in it. The rest of the chart is old hat, with "Bucky Larson" thankfully not even making the top 10. This weekend was just a slight hair above last year, when the stats were pretty much exactly the same with "Resident Evil: Afterlife" in the top spot.

1. "Contagion" (First Weekend; $23.1 million)
2. "The Help" (Fifth Weekend; $8.7 million)
3. "Warrior" (First Weekend; $5.6 million)
4. "The Debt" (Second Weekend; $4.9 million)
5. "Columbiana" (Third Weekend; $4 million)
6. "Rise of the Apes" (Sixth Weekend; $3.9 million)
7. "Shark Night 3D" (Second Weekend; $3.5 million)
8. "Apollo 18" (Second Weekend; $2.9 million)
9. "Our Idiot Brother" (Third Weekend; $2.8 million)
10. "Spy Kids 4" (Fourth Weekend; $2.5 million)

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