Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekend Report: Moving On...

So let's assume that the several weeks of disappointment are behind us. I'd like to get that sort of feeling, especially since this weekend brings us one of my most anticipated films of the fall circuit. That being said, with all the films coming out this weekend, and there are a lot, I don't expect one of them to crack $15 million over the course of the weekend. I'd like it if that happened, but it just won't. The top film of the weekend, and this is the optimist in me speaking, should be "Drive". Setting aside my own anticipation, as I'll have to the moment the film starts, the marketing for the film has been standard, yet seductive. I imagine enough people hoping for a simple action film will be there, and they'll probably get more than they expected.

I'd also expect people to head out to see "The Lion King 3D", because aside from the film's classic status amongst most people who grew up with it, it's just something we haven't seen before. Not the film, but a 3D conversion of 2D animation. I'll probably check it out sometime next weekend when I'm not busy at Telluride by the Sea. The rest of the film slate this weekend, I could care less about. "Straw Dogs" had a tiny shred of hope, but I'm honestly not sure how. I was never interested, and I'm not sure why I expected anything else than what the trailer alludes to. And there's also "I Don't Know How She Does It", for the female crowd. That's the only group I can imagine seeing that.

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