Sunday, September 25, 2011

Box Office Update: Crowded at the Front

I very nearly let this slide, as my Sunday afternoon schedule is quite hazily packed. I have two reviews from yesterday still in the works, not to mention my work outside of this site. It's severely frustrating, so forgive me for not having much enthusiasm vested in the workings of a typical box office weekend. True, this weekend was a fond improvement from last, with three films hitting just above the $20 million mark. All of them opened to fine reviews, and I only expressed interest enough to see one of them, and barely at that. "The Lion King 3D" was not that film, and this being its last week in theaters, I won't be able to check the film out at all as things are currently.

The film still, appropriately, played well this weekend, falling slightly as audiences tried to rake in the film's last winnings while they still could. Falling just barely behind it was "Moneyball", which I gave a slight pass to on Friday. Just on its tail, pun most definitely not intended, was "Dolphin Tale", which somehow found and audience in young children. Who could have guessed that? "Abduction" and "Killer Elite" were a good $10 million down from their newer competitors, but they still managed to fill out the top five. "The Help" fell slightly. "Contagion" fell slightly more. "Drive" fell even more, sadly. We can't account for taste in this particular market, but it was up nearly 20% from last year.

1. "The Lion King 3D" (Second Weekend; $22.1 million)
2. "Moneyball" (First Weekend; $20.6 million)
3. "Dolphin Tale" (First Weekend; $20.3 million)
4. "Abduction" (First Weekend; $11.2 million)
5. "Killer Elite" (First Weekend; $9.5 million)
6. "Contagion" (Third Weekend; $8.6 million)
7. "Drive" (Second Weekend; $5.8 million)
8. "The Help" (Seventh Weekend; $4.4 million)
9. "Straw Dogs" (Second Weekend; $2.1 million)
10. "I Don't Know How She Does It" (Second Weekend; $2 million)

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