Saturday, September 3, 2011

VENICE: "Alps" Reactions

If you were worried when you heard about people walking out of the Venice screening of Yorgos Lanthimos' "Alps", you clearly don't know the Lanthimos. That is very much the expected reaction to material such as this. As such, there honestly aren't that many reviews abounding, considering some are in no place to review the film in its entirety. The few that are out there are serving as an earnest recommendation. Rest assured, there will likely be plenty more negatives as the days go on, but for now there's at least one strikingly different film out there. I'll update as further reviews arrive.

Oliver Lyttelton (The Playlist; A): "Lanthimos continues to prove himself a supremely controlled, disciplined filmmaker: his use of focus alone could form the basis of a film school class, and it’s always interesting to note what he doesn’t show, frequently cutting off or obscuring faces and relying on body language. “Alps” has proven Lanthimos to be one of the most fascinating filmmakers anywhere right now, and, while there’s no immediate news on when it’ll hit on the U.S., or anywhere outside Greece, we’re confident it’ll be one of the most talked-about films of the next year: with so much to talk about, how could it not be?"

Guy Lodge (In Contention; ****): "After this description, you’d probably struggle to believe me if I told you "Alps" is a slightly warmer film than its predecessor, but in its cockeyed, proudly foot-in-mouth way, it is: the comedy is sometimes broader and more patiently, zanily observational (as in a cryptic running motif where a couple feed each other lines of stiff English-language dialogue on everything from light fittings to orgasms), which is, admittedly, cold comfort alongside its most heart-stoppingly brutal interruptions."

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