Friday, September 9, 2011

Weekend Report: Exponential Degradation

As cynical as I can be in matters of film, or more accurately inadequate film, it's weekends like these that make a strong enough case for optimism. Last time I went to the theaters was almost a month ago for "The Help", and since then I haven't felt the urge to head out to the theater for something. This weekend I have the widest variety of options, from films I've been excited for, films I'd be willing to give the benefit of the doubt, and films I've been dreading the imminent task of talking about them. Don't expect the box office to be blindingly alight, but expect a notable uptick.

"Contagion" is clearly the main ticket this weekend, as it's the only wide release playing above 2000 theaters. I've heard people go on about the strong star power at play, as I have gone on about it myself. It's interesting that that isn't much of a playing factor this time around. I'm more interested in the effect of the story, and whatever tools Steven Soderbergh may have put to use this time. The marketing of the film should aid in a wide audience appeal throughout the weekend, but I'll still be surprised if it goes any further than $25 million.

Other than that, I can't make any sure promises. I've had an antagonistic tendency towards "Warrior" since the first trailer, and it seemed to me like the formula of how to make an inspirational fight film. That might be exactly what it is, but ZOMG TOM HARDY!!!!! That's my mentality towards it. It's a lot kinder than what's left, which is "Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star". Honestly, if you put me in any position in which I haven't a choice but to see this film, I will put a bullet in yo' head as if you were Gustavo Fring. That might be a bit extreme, but who the hell makes films like this?

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