Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Eddie Murphy hosting 84th Annual Academy Awards

And here I was thinking that Brett Ratner wouldn't be dragging all parts of this year's Oscar telecast down to the pits of oblivion. Well, any denial is just superfluous at this point, so it looks like Eddie Murphy is going to be the face of the 84th Academy Awards. Now, am I saying that this is necessarily a condemning factor in the scheme of this year's ceremony. Yeah, pretty much. It's exactly the sort of decision you'd expect Brett Ratner to make, it goes in line with all his beliefs, it's the first guy he'd choose, and it's a completely unimaginative vote.

Am I saying that Murphy doesn't have the capacity to be funny? Far from it, as I admit he has had potential for success in the past, but has since fallen into a downward spiral. He's most infamously known for making comedies that are neither good, nor are they at all funny. And it does somewhat weaken the resolve of an awards telecast that should have nothing to do with the mainstream. The Academy is constantly in denial of what their show should be like, and that's my biggest lament of this move. It's crass. It's loud. It's not good.

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