Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekend Report: "Help"less Wandering

Having already effused this morning about the highlight of the mainstream summer, to say absolutely nothing of indie greats like "Midnight in Paris" and "The Tree of Life", the rest of this month is admittedly headed nowhere. I'm in fact surprised that "The Help" hasn't gotten a total critical backing. True, it's not the most controversial of racial commentaries, but it's worthy and emotional entertainment nonetheless. I'm certain audiences will embrace it entirely by the time the weekend is out, and expect a prosperous life through till September.

The other competitors this weekend are less fortunate, with "30 Minutes or Less" taking critical flak for obvious reasons, but also gaining a bit of controversy. Anybody denying the obvious ties to real world events is moronically ignorant and this point. It might still get an audience from the curious, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was a massive failure. "Final Destination 5" at least has a built in audience of people who simply want to see people they hate die in graphic fashion. Say what you want about the mediocre young actors, but the filmmakers seem to have a good eye on casting people who we're meant to not care about.

And finally there's "Glee: The 3D Concert Movie". I am a pretty decent fan of the show, which has had plenty of strong moments I enjoy. All the same, there is no real reason for this film to actually exist. I don't see why I'd ever spend money to see any concert movie for that matter, much less in 3D. People are better off with "The Help", but if I had the option, I'd be rushing to see "Senna" this weekend. Having heard fantastic things about it from most ends, It'll be a while before it come 'round my way.

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