Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Boob Tube Banter


It’s back. Resurrected like Buffy on the sixth season premier, Boob Tube Banter has made is triumphant jump from the Keene State Equinox to the blogosphere. The BTB will have some format changes. I will update more often, but shorter entries. For the news paper I was limited to once a week, and 600 words. Now I can update whenever I want and just do short takes on television. As most of my thoughts are longer than the 140 characters limited by twitter and shorter than the 600 words as mandated by a weekly column this will be beneficial.

For the first short take on Television news I really have to talk about the craziness behind the scenes of “90210” this summer. First of all the insanity of dropping newly outed gay character to recurring is beyond my comprehension. Without a doubt season 3’s best executed plotline was Teddy’s coming out saga. It was done with a subtlety often reserved for shows that are better done than “90210.” This news was crazy enough before the recent casting announcement of Brandy aka Moesha. Brandy will be playing a politician running against Teddy’s previously never mentioned conservative uncle. That casting would be crazy before you take into account that Teddy is only guaranteed 5 episodes this season. Why add a relative to a character that could end up in only 5 of this season’s 24 episodes. I’m not able to fathom any of this. That all being said my DVR remains set to record “90210” in glorious 720p. At least until I finally lose interest.

If you have been living under a television news rock you will be shocked to learn that “Charlie’s Angels” is going to be returning to the airwaves. The re(make/boot?) will be aired on ABC and will be the third attempted remake from Aaron Spellings extensive production library. From the creators of “Smallville” this show promises pretty girls and some loose approximation of a plotline that I doubt anyone will follow, or care about. The original casting for Charlie was the only part of this project that interested me. Film actor Robert Wagner was set to portray the shows unseen title character. This is a cushy job for just about anyone. You could legitimately phone in your work for the week and collect a big pay check. Wagner dropped out of the project for unknown reasons leaving a title sized void in the show that’s a little over a month away from premiere. Oh well At least I wasn’t planning on watching this show.

For today I will leave you with the preview for the show that’s limited premise could make it a very interesting show. Or could shoot itself in the foot. Well I’m at least excited to see Sarah Michelle Gellar back on the small screen, or any screen at all I guess.

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