Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Completely Forgot About "Senna"... And Why I Shouldn't Have!

So apparently ignorance can take its toll, as I've been taught on numerous occasions. The most fortunate thing I can say about this certain item is that I'm not too late for something important. So for the past few months or so I've heard time and time again about "Senna", and all I knew was that it was a documentary about a Formula 1 racer and it was getting universal praise. I'm a much more forgiving fan of documentaries than most, but somehow this just went over my head. I think I can attribute this to simple aversion away from films that supposedly have "universal praise", or close enough. Was it not just a month ago that "Deathly Hallows: Part 2" was arriving to "universal praise"?

So rather than looking into it, I shut it out, as I often do. After all, this site has been on the back burner of my life for most of this summer, not by choice obviously. Mostly from simple neglect. So this week has me coming very much back into the swing of things, and in fact back into the swing of loving movies. I maintain that this summer was a slog, and those who disagree may continue disagreeing. Still, while putting together my week-daily "clips of films releasing this week" post, I came back around to "Senna", which is incidentally coming into limited U.S. release this weekend.

And after checking out the trailer at last, I'll say that it has effectively piqued my interest. It has me waiting impatiently once more for it to come around to a local theater, which it likely won't for probably another month. Until that time comes, I aid you with the trailer for formula 1 racing documentary that I am now highly anticipating.

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