Sunday, July 8, 2012

Box Office Report: "Spider-Man" leads "Amazing" weekend

My worries of a large dip for "Amazing Spider-Man" were apparently unfounded, as the film performed rather positivity anyway. The more I dwell on it, the more I think this proposed trilogy is salvageable, provided they find the right director for the follow-up (can I start by pitching David Cronenberg?). Sure, the reboot didn't perform nearly the same numbers as any of Raimi's trilogy, but reboots generally have a tough time inspiring new followers. In comparison, it's fared much better than the openings for "Batman Begins", "Superman Returns", or "The Incredible Hulk" ($48.7, $52.5, & 55.4, respectively). The film is tracking for a $300 million finish, which is fantastic with all things considered.

The real success story of the summer, currently, continues to be "Ted", to which aspirations were made to "The Hangover" very early on. Seth MacFarlane's talking-teddy comedy is holding extremely well, and considering there isn't a comedy to steal its audience for another three weeks, one could expect it to continue its victory run. Talking of which, "Brave" continues to be a return to form for Pixar, at least in terms of box office success. It seems destined for the same average as predecessors such as "Cars" and "WALL-E". "Savages" fell to a middling status debut, despite aspirations of wider audience acceptance.

"Magic Mike" took the largest fall of the weekend, though that could be from simply weeding out the fem-centric audience who went simply for Channing. I wouldn't expect continued dips of that scale. In limited release, "Moonrise Kingdom" continues as the crowd-pleasing indie of the summer, and not even "To Rome with Love" could put a dent in that. The middle-grade Woody Allen comedy expanded to greater audience exposure, but one can't know for sure if it'll hold. I tend to doubt it. Overall, the weekend kept steady from last weekend, and actually grew from where it was last year, featuring debuts for "Zookeeper" and "Horrible Bosses".

1. "The Amazing Spider-Man" (First Weekend; $65 million; $140 MILLION TOTAL)
2. "Ted" (Second Weekend; $32.6 million; $120.2 MILLION TOTAL)
3. "Brave" (Third Weekend; $20.2 million; $174.5 MILLION TOTAL)
4. "Savages" (First Weekend; $16.2 million)
5. "Magic Mike" (Second Weekend; $15.6 million; $72.8 MILLION TOTAL)
6. "Madea's Witness Protection" (Second Weekend; $10.2 million; $45.8 MILLION TOTAL)
7. "Madagascar 3" (Fifth Weekend; $7.7 million; $196 MILLION TOTAL)
8. "Katy Perry: Part of Me" (First Weekend; $7.2 million; $10.3 MILLION TOTAL)
9. "Moonrise Kingdom" (Seventh Weekend; $4.6 million; $26.9 MILLION TOTAL)
10. "To Rome with Love" (Third Weekend; $3.5 million; $5.3 MILLION TOTAL)

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