Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Jack Reacher" Teaser Trailer

Tom Cruise has had a tough run of the past week or so. After "Rock of Ages" landed to a sadly tepid response with both critics and audiences, Katie Holmes' divorce is just a further beating on a guy who just can't seem to please people enough. Fact of the matter is that he tries, and it comes through in nearly every single one of his performances. I don't recall a single time when he hasn't been convincing and devoted in his role. His next film and performance, "Jack Reacher", pitches to earn him back some favor with thrill seeking audiences. He's the main showcase in the film's first trailer, and though I'm hesitant to trailers that merely build the announcement of a character ("Red Lights" forever be damned), it's Tom Cruise. After all these years, he deserves the buildup.

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