Sunday, February 12, 2012

Box Office Update: "Vow" for "Safe" "Journey", Despite "Menace"

I didn't really hold strong hopes for this box office weekend, but it has fared about as well as the year for the whole part has so far. Last year was a long and drawn-out nightmare of a year in terms of the box office. There was simply nothing of real spectacle happening, so despite the mildly disappointing films the money's headed towards, it's still satisfying to see an invigoration towards the theatrical experience. I had worried that this weekend would pale in comparison to last year, when that Justin Bieber movie and "Just Go With It" ruled the box office. I guess I underestimated the Valentine's Day weekend draw of Channing Tatum, Denzel Washington, and... 3D, apparently.

"The Vow" clearly played to the right demographic this weekend, and as such reaped the majority of the weekend's winning. "Safe House" played more to the date-night-action-flick crowd, falling just a tad short of its competition. Both are likely to be frontloaded openings likely to fall immensely come next weekend. "Journey 2" and "Star Wars" managed to split the 3D winnings this weekend, so clearly the problem of not having enough 3D screens that we dealt with just two years ago isn't anything to worry about now. The weekend ended up a 31% increase upon last year, so this year is proving to be a pretty strong bounce-back from last year.

1. "The Vow" (First Weekend; $41.7 million)
2. "Safe House" (First Weekend; $39.3 million)
3. "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island" (First Weekend; $27.6 million)
4. "Star Wars 3D" (First Weekend; $23 million; TOTAL $454 million)
5. "Chronicle" (Second Weekend; $12.3 million; TOTAL $40.2 million)
6. "The Woman in Black (Second Weekend; $10.3 million; TOTAL $35.5 million)
7. "The Grey" (Third Weekend; $5.1 million; TOTAL $42.9 million)
8. "Big Miracle" (Second Weekend: $3.9 million; TOTAL $13.2 million)
9. "The Descendants" (Thirteenth Weekend; $3.5 million; TOTAL $70.7 million)
10. "Underworld: Awakening" (Fourth Weekend; $2.5 million; TOTAL $58.9 million)

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