Saturday, February 11, 2012

OSCAR 2011 PREDICTIONS: Cinematography

I'd rather like to think that this race isn't as up in the air as it actually is. I suppose any one of the films nominated could take it with good reason. Sure, "Tree of Life" has all the precursors going for it, and it probably should win in a decent world. Despite my reckless indifference to it, it is the most cinematographically sound film this year. But there's also the massive following on "Hugo" that could prove to sweep the crafts categories. There's buzz going for "The Artist", which as far as brilliant framing is concerned is the most deserving of the group. And some people may just think "War Horse" is just so pretty. To an obnoxious degree it is. There are two ways that this award SHOULD go, but as per usual, I'm not certain it will.

WILL WIN: "The Tree of Life"
SHOULD WIN: "The Artist"

1. "The Artist"
2. "The Tree of Life"
3. "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"
4. "Hugo"
5. "War Horse"

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