Friday, December 9, 2011

Weekend Report: Bring on the Noise

This weekend's suffocating surplus of new releases is diluted by the fact that the two wide releases aren't appealing in the slightest of manners. Remember how "Valentine's Day" was completely idiotic, but you enjoyed the parts with Taylor Swift? "New Year's Eve" has a depressing lack of Taylor Swift, and in its place are a bunch of barely B-list actors. Gary Marshall's previous flick had Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, and even Kathy Bates. What does "New Year's Eve" have? Seth Meyers, Jessica Biel, and Lea Michele. Color me not just uninterested, but stagnantly against this garbage. Need I remind you of the C-Section?

And then there's "The Sitter", but I'm not interested in that one at all either? It's the typical story, but as per usual, delivered in the most tried and unfunny of ways. So no, I am not amused with the main stream of this weekend. If I didn't have "Melancholia" and "Take Shelter" playing independently in town this weekend, I'd be resting my head under one of the imposing legs of my bed. The saving grace of this weekend is that there are some really great films out this weekend, just not nationwide yet.

I dearly hoped that "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" would make the cut for wide release this weekend, but no such luck. I suppose it was too much to hope that a film that was top grosser in England for weeks would garner slightly more attention. All the same, I'm confident it'll get plenty of attention this weekend, and then move on to wider attention. Also worthy of note is "Young Adult", which has been making the rounds this week with mixed to positive reviews, and I dearly hope it ends up as the latter. And lastly, please go see "We Need to Talk About Kevin" this weekend if you have the chance. Is it the happiest time at the theatre? Not in the slightest. Is it all the more worth it because of that? Yes!

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