Sunday, December 4, 2011

Box Office Update: "Dawn" & "Muppets" rules dull weekend

The box office saw its first down weekend in a while, which is honestly surprising given the strength of the films in play. I'm not about to call "Twilight" anything special, but it keeps the box office on a steady level. "Breaking Dawn" is irrevocably failing to keep interest even in its own market. "The Muppets" too is having some down times. That debut may have been a bit too frontloaded, with a nearly 60% dip not painting a fortunate future. All the same, the film has the opportunity for a wide berth of repeat viewings in the coming weeks towards the holiday season. And in its defense, this weekend is a busy time for most people, hence why no films came in wide release. It's a bad frame for it. The rest aren't quite worth mentioning.

1. "Breaking Dawn" (Third Weekend; $16.9 million)
2. "The Muppets" (Second Weekend; $11.2 million)
3. "Hugo" (Second Weekend; $7.6 million)
4. "Arthur Christmas" (Second Weekend; $7.4 million)
5. "Happy Feet Two" (Third Weekend; $6 million)
6. "Jack and Jill" (Fourth Weekend; $5.5 million)
7. "The Descendants" (Third Weekend; $5.2 million)
8. "Immortals" (Fourth Weekend; $4.4 million)
9. "Tower Heist" (Fifth Weekend; $4.1 million)
10. "Puss in Boots" (Sixth Weekend; $3 million)

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