Wednesday, December 14, 2011

For Your Anticipation: Stag Party

Early this morning, while discussing odd ideas of who should direct the next Bond film after Sam Mendes, my friend brought up Guy Richie as a strong candidate. As interesting as that would no doubt end up being, I maintain that Guy Richie is best where he currently is. "Sherlock Holmes" offered him to most prosperous catalyst for his brand of creativity, and his continuance in that vein is something to be celebrated. He's got a solid field that isn't prone to heavy casting decisions. Case in point, villainous character Moriarty is played by "Fringe" and "Mad Men" star Jared Harris. The biggest name? God no! The best name? Hell yes!


  1. Interesting, I think Chritopher Nolan would be a strong candidate for a Bond film. The Dark Knight felt more like a spy movie than a comic book movie, the snow fortress scene in Inception reminded a lot of people of a Bond movie, and the Dark Knight Rises prolougue is something you'd expect from a James bond scene that takes place before the credits.

  2. I think that's been the rational of his career path is so that he can "relax" with a Bond film after TDKR.