Sunday, December 11, 2011

AWARDS 2011: LA Critics skew towards Malick

And finally ending the day of hasty awards recognizance, the Los Angeles critics managed to differ in a few slight ways from the rest of the general pot. Examples? "The Artist" isn't even in sight. In its place isn't so much as the rising "Hugo", but the still present "Tree of Life". Malick's film caught quite a few wins this time around. Other notable surprises. The Chemical Brothers won best original score for "Hanna", which is a no-brainer now that it's been brought back to our attention thanks to the wonderful LA critics. Also surprising? Yun Jung-hee won Best Actress for "Poetry". Certainly an obscure won, but who isn't happy about that? Take a look at the full list of winners and runners up after the jump!

BEST PICTURE: "The Descendants"
-Runner-up: "The Tree of Life"
BEST DIRECTOR: Terrence Malick ("The Tree of Life")
-Runner-up: Martin Scorsese ("Hugo")
-Runner-up: "The Descendants"
BEST ACTOR: Michael Fassbender ("A Dangerous Method", "Jane Eyre", "Shame")
-Runner-up: Michael Shannon ("Take Shelter")
BEST ACTRESS: Yun Jung-Hee ("Poetry")
-Runner-up: Kirsten Dunst ("Melancholia")
BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Jessica Chastain ("The Tree of Life", "The Help", "Take Shelter")
-Runner-up: Janet McTeer ("Albert Nobbs")
BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Christopher Plummer ("Beginners")
-Runner-up: Patton Oswalt ("Young Adult")
-Runner-up: "The Adventures of Tintin"
BEST ORIGINAL SCORE: The Chemical Brothers ("Hanna")
-Runner-up: Cliff Martinez ("Drive")
-Runner-up: "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy"
CINEMATOGRAPHY: "The Tree of Life"
-Runner-up: "City of Life and Death"
BEST FOREIGN FILM: "City of Life and Death"
-Runner-up: "A Separation"
BEST DOCUMENTARY: "Cave of Forgotten Dreams"
-Runner-up: "The Arbor"

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