Monday, December 26, 2011

The world according to Guy

I must say, I've never been so ecstatic to find myself disagreeing with somebody who I have always taken as a sort of spiritual leader in terms of film criticism. That may sound like a high pedestal to put somebody as little as Guy Lodge of In Contention on, but for the past couple of years, I've relied on the man to hold me up by the scruff of my neckline. Two years ago, my best-of-the-year list was dumb-minded and without an inch of integrity or confidence. Last year, I felt I had reached a stronger point, at least feeling confident that I had an idea of why the films on my list were there. Now, I'm finding myself en route to placing a list that's entirely honest, for the first time in fact.

Guy Lodge has been a sort of unknowing adviser as far as that goes, unconsciously challenging me to strain my own ways of thinking as far as cinema goes. With nine years on me, I'd say he knows a thing or two about cinema, and I acquaint him rather closely with the instructors I most appreciate at college. Though I had worried that I was getting to the point of following him in each slight move of my hand. I'm glad to have been proven somewhat wrong by his Top 20 list for this year. I must say that I don't quite share his enthusiasm over "Bombay Beach", "Snowtown", or "Jane Eyre". His list reassures me not only of his constant knack for entertainment in his writing, but of the individuality I still hold to myself, and I hope that my list will stick out in its own right when it hits next week! You can take a look at Guy's list here, and I strongly insist you take a look at some of the films he advises.

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