Sunday, June 5, 2011

Box Office Update: Second Class Treatment

My personal prejudice aside, it makes perfectly good sense why X-Men: First Class performed the way it did this weekend. I understand why people liked it as much as they did, even though I feel like they shouldn't have. It makes sense that the film would thrive off of the male audience, because they are the core demographic of people who would like it. The film didn't open as massively as some believed because of the negative energy after X-Men Origins: Wolverine failed so badly. It picked up from positive word of mouth, and is likely to survive over the coming weeks. All things considered, this is a solid opening for the reboot/prequel.

As for second week holdovers, Hangover: Part II fell to second with a massive drop of 62.2%, as one could have expected of an opening as massive as it had and a reception as mild as it received. Kung Fu Panda 2 fell just under 50%, proving to be the better holdover of the two. The fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film continued its descent with a 54.8% drop, and Bridesmaids continued to perform exceptionally well with another small drop of 26.7%. In summation, the weekend was a vast improvement from last year, when Get Him to the Greek and Killers were the top new releases. It's that comparison that almost makes me think we're doing pretty well this year.

1. X-Men: First Class (First Weekend; $56 million)
2. The Hangover: Part II (Second Weekend; $32.4 million)
3. Kung Fu Panda 2 (Second Weekend; $24.3 million)
4. Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (Third Weekendl $18 million)
5. Bridesmaids (Fourth Weekend; $12.1 million)
6. Thor (Fifth Weekend; $4.2 million)
7. Fast Five (Sixth Weekend; $3.2 million)
8. Midnight in Paris (Third Weekend; $2.9 million)
9. Jumping the Broom (Fifth Weekend; $0.8 million)
10. Something Borrowed (Fifth Weekend; $0.8 million)

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