Friday, August 31, 2012

Weekend Forecast: "Lawless" leads a decreasing slate

Though this weekend touts one of the more pleasant surprises of the past couple months, it is something rather thin in terms of encouraging options at the multiplex. If by now you've already seen "ParaNorman" and "Lawless", and you're still looking for fresh mainstream options, you may very well be out luck. Of course "Lawless" only took in just over $2 million these past two days, so I will assume most are still uninitiated in the positive offerings of the feature. I've already effused on this rural slice of good-time entertainment, though I assume most will still turn a cold shoulder to the gangster film, leading to a sturdy, though not spectacular, box office take.

So where else to go than to another typical horror flick in "The Possession". It saddens me to think that is where the momentum is heading this labor day. As much as films like "The American" and "The Constant Gardener" got more appropriate exposure here than elsewhere, it's been more positive to films like the "Halloween" remake and "Transporter 2". Expect most to tune into the Jeffrey Dean Morgan starring horror offering, though not a massive amount. Labor Day still isn't that major a holiday to merit blockbuster considerations.

The only other mainstream release is titled "Oogieloves In The BIG Balloon Adventure", which hasn't received much Oscar buzz thus far, but may be in the position to turn a corner. Just kidding, I haven't a clue what the fuck that film is, nor do I wish to. Do not expect much more from the limited release sectors either, as the most "popular" indie flick this weekend is "For a Good Time, Call...". I've had the misfortune of sitting through the abysmal trailer three times in theaters. The only good news of its release is that I don't have to sit through a second of it any longer.

From Magnolia Pictures this weekend is "The Good Doctor", featuring Orlando Bloom as a doctor who falls for a patient and goes through indiscretions to keep her at the hospital. Seems much like a typical thriller plotline being given a less mainstream treatment. Juno Temple of "Killer Joe" and a small role in "The Dark Knight Rises" appears in "Little Birds", which seems to be more on the lagging side of her start-up career. Round things out with the Jessica Biel thriller "The Tall Man" and you've got... not terribly much. I'll say it again. Go see "Lawless"!

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