Monday, May 21, 2012

"Skyfall" Teaser Trailer

The last pieces of this year are slowly starting to fall into place, be it with a certain gut-feeling of worry that we may not have quite the same quality of films that we had last year. With films falling off the end of year slate, such as "Gravity" most recently did, it's hard not to be just a bit worried for the status of our year's end celebration of cinema. What gets me even more worried is the irrational level of hype that surrounds a single teaser for a film. The internet has been abuzz all morning over "Skyfall", the latest Bond film which I'm actually quite optimistically inclined towards. I can only shrug at the prospect a simple teaser can offer. Does it pique my interest in the film? Sure, but not to the point of cutting myself each day I don't see it.

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